Ruben E. Archuleta
Author, Sculptor & Photographer
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"Much more than a tale of his own life, Ruben Archuleta's I Came From El Valle is a story
about America.  In recounting his triumphant rise from an impoverished youth to a
respected leader of men, Ruben gives the reader an unmistakable view of the American
dream in its present form.  In the final analysis, Ruben's autobiography is a compelling
story of a man that in so many ways embodies the greatness of the American spirit."
- Scott McInnis, former U.S. Congressman, 3rd Congressional District, Colorado -
"From his culturally rich and economically poor beginnings as an El Valle boy to a tour of
duty with the Navy in Viet Nam, Ruben tells a story of the baby boom generation from a
Chicano perspective.  From rookie cop to chief, Ruben's tale is told with wit, intrigue
and occasional pain.  Presidents, movie stars, and Soviet spies - if they came to Pueblo,
Ruben met them and they are in his book."
Juan Espinosa, Former journalist, The Pueblo Chieftain -
"In Land of the Penitentes Land of Tradition, Ruben provides an extraordinary insight into
the life of the Penitentes.  I am grateful for Ruben Archuleta's initiative in writing down
the history of the Penitentes and providing us with the pictures of the many
moradas of
southern Colorado and northern New Mexico.  I also viewed with interest, the notes of
the Penitentes, the rituals, the songs, and the journals kept by Los Penitentes."
Former Colorado Attorney General. U. S. Senator and Secretary of the Interior Ken
"Land of the Penitentes Land of Tradition does more than provide readers with a glimpse
into a lost Penitente world; it speaks to ours as well.  Mr. Archuleta has given scholars
and the general public a work infused with significant local, regional, and national
implications.  The result, is a vibrant portrait of Penitentes and Hispano Catholicism that
furthers our religious, ethnic, social, political, and cultural understandings."
Dr. Robert Bunting, Assistant Dean, School of Arts and Sciences,
Fort Lewis College, Durango, Colorado
This soft cover book, Eppie Archuleta and The Tale of Juan de La Burra has 414 pages
featuring a short biography of world renowned weaver, Eppie Archuleta.  Eppie is the
recipient of the National Endowment for the Arts award.  Her weaving is on permanent
display at the Smithsonian Institute and she was featured in the January, 1991 issue of
National Geographic Magazine. This book also has 10 color pages of her beautiful
weavings.  A major portion of the book is dedicated to her wonderful
cuento (story) of
Juan de la Burra, a mythical tale that takes place in the land of kings near Mora, New
Mexico.  This story was passed on to the 82 year-old Eppie by her father when she was a
little girl growing up in New Mexico.
Foreword and edited by Maclovio C. Martinez, author and historian;
San Luis, Colorado

"This is a great book for fans of Eppie Archuleta, a national treasure. The book
documents a great weaver, her family, the tale, and the dialect, all would be lost without
this book. The book appeals to young and old and furthers the tradition of reading to
kids.  This is a great gift to fans of weaving too!"
Tradicion Revista,  Winter 2004,  The
Journal of Contemporary & Traditional Spanish Colonial Art & Culture, Albuquerque, New
Mexico,  LPD Enterprises    
2007 New Mexico Book Awards Finalist
"This welcome volume by Ruben E. Archuleta documents and reaffirms a significant,
continuing communitas in southern Colorado and northern New Mexico.  The cover
photograph of the San Antonio, Colorado,
Encuentro recalls for me the power of the first
such ritual I was privileged to attend."
Marta Weigle, Ph.D. - Dr. Weigle is a noted Author and University Regents Professor at
the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque, New Mexico

Penitente Renaissance, Manifesting Hope Archuleta offers the reader the fruits
of his labor.  This collection helps demystify the Brotherhood and sheds light on the vital
role the brothers played in the history of New Mexico and southern Colorado."
Juan Espinosa, -Mr. Espinosa was a night city editor, staff writer and columnist for
The Pueblo Chieftain, Pueblo,  Colorado and is now retired.  He has also written
numerous articles on the Penitentes

"During the ban the Brotherhood lost members, and together with the loss of land and
resultant migration out of their communities, many chapters of the Brotherhood went out
of existence.  As, Mr. Archuleta's book attests, however, renewed interest has occurred
in some Hispanic communities where the Brotherhood is again -alive and well."
Marianne J. Stoller, Ph.D. - Dr. Stoller, retired Professor Emerita of Anthropology at
Colorado    College in Colorado Springs, Colorado and is also a noted author
"Penitente Renaissance: Manifesting Hope documents the contemporary activities of the Penitentes and
discusses such aspects of the Brotherhood as art and architecture, material culture, processions, hymns,
and prayers.  
Penitente Renaissance presents a good overview of the Penitente tradition, with a decidedly
Colorado emphasis."
Charles Bennett, New Mexico Magazine, July 2008 issue-

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Such a a labor of love as Ruben E. Archuleta's Manifesting Hope: Penitente Renaissance could only have
been accomplished by an insider to a religious tradition famous, and sometimes infamous, for its
secretiveness and insularity....Archuleta's work on the Penitentes makes a nice accompaniment to scholarly
works in this area, notably including Marta Weigle's
Brothers of Light, Brothers of Blood, originally a
University of Pennsylvania dissertation in 1971 which still stands as the most thorough and complete
documentation of the history and cultures of the
La Fraternidad Piadosa de Nuestro Padre Jesus Nazareno
(The Pious Fraternity of Our Father Jesus the Nazarene), popularly known as "The Penitentes."
The Late Paul Harvery, radio personality, Religion in American History-